Commercial Pest Control Virtual Conference CEUs

Updated as of 9.23.20

You must be present for the entire duration of the Commercial Pest Control Virtual Conference in order to be eligible for CEU Credit.

A conference associate will reach out the day after the virtual conference requesting information from those interested in applying for CEU credit. To qualify for CEU credit we require the full name on your license, state in which you are applying for CEU credit, your license number, and date of birth within 7 days of the virtual conference. A conference associate will email a certificate to those who qualified for CEU credit within 15 days of the virtual conference.

StatesCEU CreditsCategory
Arizona 3 CreditsPMD
Connecticut 3 Credits
2 Credits
7A General Pest, 8 Public Health
7B Termite & W.D.O., 7D Rodent, 7E Bird
Florida 2 CreditsPublic Health Pest Control
Comm Termites and Other Wood Destroying Organisms
Commercial General Household Pests
Georgia 4 CreditsHPC
Idaho 2 CreditsGeneral
Illinois 3 CreditsGeneral
Indiana 2 CreditsCategories 7A, RT
Kansas 1.5 CreditsCategories 7D, 7E, 8
Maryland 4 CreditsCategories 7A, 7B, 7D, 8*
Massachusetts 3 Credits41, L (Core)
Michigan 3 Credits7A, Comm CORE
Mississippi 3 CreditsVII(A) Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health Related Pest Control
New Mexico 2 CreditsGeneral, PRAP, PRRO
North Carolina 1 Credit
1 Credit
Category P
Category G
Oregon 1 Credit
1 Credit
South Carolina 2 CreditsCategory 7A
Tennessee 2 CreditsC07 Structural Pest Control
C08 Public Health
C10 Demo & Research
C12 Pesticide Dealer
Utah 2 CreditsUSE
Washington 2 CreditsGeneral
West Virginia 6 Credits8A General Pest Control
8E Urban IPM
Wyoming 2 CreditsGeneral
Alberta, Canada1 Credit
2 Credits
Pest Management
British Columbia, Canada1 Credit
2 Credits
Pest Management
Nova Scotia, Canada1 Credit
2 Credits
Pest Management
Newfoundland, Canada1 Credit
2 Credits
Pest Management
Status of Other CEUs
Alabama Denied
Alaska Pending Approval
Arkansas Denied
California Denied
Colorado Denied
Delaware Pending Approval
Hawaii Denied
Iowa Denied
Kentucky Pending Approval
Louisiana Pending Approval
Maine Pending Approval
Minnesota Pending Approval
Missouri Pending Approval
Montana Pending Approval
Nebraska Pending Approval
Nevada Denied
New Hampshire Pending Approval
New Jersey Denied
New York Denied
North Dakota Denied
Ohio Denied
Oklahoma Pending Approval
Pennsylvania Pending Approval
Rhode Island Pending Approval
South Dakota Denied
Texas Pending Approval
Vermont Pending Approval
Virginia Denied
Wisconsin Denied